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    Project Owner Testimonial

    “With, I found new suppliers I would have never gotten in touch with…”   Niclas Friberg came to in Spring 2017. He was looking for external experts to help him install navigation equipment at a Swedish airport. He shares his experience with as an airport manager.   Niclas, You published a project […]

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    New Projects! Instrument Landing System CAT III & Distance Measuring Equipment Installation is currently supporting Stockholm Skavsta Airport for the installation of a DME and an ILS CAT III.  We are inviting bidders for the fulfillment of the two contracts. Are you interested in participating in the call for proposals? Our online platform will allow you to reply directly on the project pages and place your bid in a quick […]

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    5 Tips to Plan for a Successful Project

    Choosing and planning the right project is not obvious in our complex industry; here we present you five easy-to-follow tips to help you plan for a successful project! Define the objective – Ask the right questions Why do you want to start this project? What is the challenge you want to tackle? Where do you […]

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