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    The founding team

    Annelise Bremme

    Co-Founder & COO of

    After strategic market research work for a major Russian consulting firm in St Petersburg in 2012, Annelise took her professional career to SKYGUIDE, the Swiss air navigation services provider in 2013.

    Annelise was pivotal in structuring the company’s commercial activities and forging a successful marketing and communication strategy resulting in expanding SKYGUIDE’s client base internationally. In the course of the numerous successful ATM projects Annelise was involved in, she gained great insight into the aviation industry’s project structuring and experienced first-hand the requirements for engaging the right industry Professionals.

    With a Bachelor in International Relations and a Master in Strategic Management from the University of Geneva, Annelise brings to invaluable marketing expertise in the aviation space.

    Annelise is based in New York, USA.

    Laurent Delétraz

    Founder of

    Laurent started his career as an air transport pilot in 1992. After over ten years as Captain on the Learjet 36A, the Learjet 31A and the Falcon 50EX, he joined SKYGUIDE, the Swiss air navigation services provider.

    At SKYGUIDE, Laurent headed the instrument flight procedures design office, where he directed the implementation of performance-based navigation as well as the first space-based flight procedures in Switzerland in 2011. Laurent also represented SKYGUIDE as rapporteur to the ICAO and EUROCONTROL working groups for the development of innovative air navigation concepts.

    With a Bachelor in Engineering, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Development from the University of Geneva, and 25 years’ experience in the aviation industry, Laurent brings to a profound expertise in providing operational improvement solutions for the international aviation community as well as an unrivalled entrepreneurial and leadership spirit.

    Laurent and his Co-Founders are looking to enable for the first time the community of aviation & aerospace professionals, companies and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and achieve inspiring results together.

    Laurent is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Johan Orsingher

    Co-Founder of

    Johan started his career with THALES where he coordinated the economic and business development research for Air Traffic Management and Communication, Navigation and Surveillance core products. After four years at THALES, he headed FROST & SULLIVAN’s commercial aerospace activities in London, United Kingdom.

    In 2006, Johan went back to France and took on the role of Strategy and Development Vice President for Air Traffic Management at EADS, where he orchestrated the group’s participation in SESAR – the European Research Program for Air Traffic Management modernization. Simultaneously, Johan became Strategy Vice President at the Air Traffic Alliance – a consortium composed of EADS, AIRBUS and THALES. Johan played a pivotal role in the creation of AIRBUS PROSKY, and subsequently executed the post-merger integration of METRON Aviation in the AIRBUS Group, in Washington D.C., United States.

    With a Master in Management from the University of Strasbourg and 20 years’ experience in the aviation & aerospace industry, Johan brings to invaluable industry knowledge and a vast network.

    Johan is based in Paris, France.