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    New Projects! Instrument Landing System CAT III & Distance Measuring Equipment Installation is currently supporting Stockholm Skavsta Airport for the installation of a DME and an ILS CAT III.  We are inviting bidders for the fulfillment of the two contracts.

    Are you interested in participating in the call for proposals?

    Our online platform will allow you to reply directly on the project pages and place your bid in a quick and efficient way. Formulate a proposal in order to be sure to be considered by Stockholm Skavsta Airport to get a chance to be awarded this contract.

    You will find all the details about these projects here:

    Not interested in participating in this project yourself?

    No problem! Forward this opportunity to a colleague or a friend –  this is an exciting opportunity and would like to advertise this open project to as large an audience as possible!


    DME & ILS Installation -

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      — Received from a Professional —

      Hello, I am interested into Automated Terminal Information System (ATIS) tenders. Do you (will you) publish them?
      Thank you