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    Project Owner Testimonial

    “With, I found new suppliers I would have never gotten in touch with…”


    Niclas Friberg came to in Spring 2017. He was looking for external experts to help him install navigation equipment at a Swedish airport. He shares his experience with as an airport manager.


    Niclas, You published a project on, what are the main takeaways of this experience?

    It was a fast and easy process to publish a project and also to administrate and compare offers. I found that the options to ask questions publicly very helpful, most questions were legitimate and the answers were of use to all respondents.


    How long did it take you to publish the project? To run it?

    10 minutes and the administration was hardly 1 hour a week to get the questions from’s team and answer them.


    What was the biggest surprise for you?

    The reverse auction effect. After three bids people and company can see the average bidding price, the next one tends to be more competitive.


    Would you recommend to Aviation and Aerospace managers?

    Yes, of course!



    The openness of the idea, open to new suppliers that I wouldn’t have gotten in touch with otherwise, open bidding, clear and transparent decision criteria – not only price, but skills as well. And Worldwide reach!


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