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    5 Tips to Plan for a Successful Project

    Choosing and planning the right project is not obvious in our complex industry; here we present you five easy-to-follow tips to help you plan for a successful project!

    Define the objective – Ask the right questions

    Why do you want to start this project? What is the challenge you want to tackle? Where do you want to be with your operations implementing this project?
    How do you expect the project to improve your operations?

    Apply the right methodology

    Create a roadmap. Be goal-driven, divide your project into milestones with clear deliverables. Focus your efforts on the “What”, not on the “How”.

    Manage an effective project team

    Establish clear roles and responsibilities, assign one responsible person per deliverable. Ensure to get the right mix of competencies and skills to balance “dreamers and experts”.

    Manage your stakeholders

    Stakeholders will have a crucial impact on the outcome of your project. It is essential to analyze and understand their individual interests and goals. Ensure you communicate clearly for them to understand your objective and how you will achieve it. Be open.

    Involve your sponsors and executives

    You need to engage your organization to support your objective. Align internal and external stakeholders’ interests. team

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