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    Solidarity Partnership – #WeAreAviation

    Dear All,

    French Government just announced Terminal 4 in its current shape will not be built, Airlines have postponed deliveries of Aircrafts and IATA calculated that the passenger traffic dropped by 66% in 2020 versus 2019…. I could continue on and on with bad news and facts that raise questions and doubts about our future. But I will not. I believe aviation is a critical element of our society bringing people to places, to discover the wonder of our planet, meet other people and achieve great things. I believe aviation have made us better persons and that it will thrive, after the storm. 
    At we’ve been discussing internally and with some members of our community trying to identify what we could do to help. We salute the training provided to cabin crews by @IATA #WeAreAviation and, like them, we want to go beyond our business model or immediate profits to support the aviation community. 
    In the conversations what was clear is the frustration of our Professionals not to be able to tackle innovative projects as companies have limited resources to launch new initiatives. Some even stated they would be ready to work for free for a while so here’s our offer.
    If you are a company and need to have additional resources for a project that will have you going after the storm. If you are a professionals and you are willing to help companies that are in need. If you guys are up for a challenge together, we connect you for free.
    We publish the project or have our direct service with project owners, we run the matching machinery we’ve developed and we connect you with professionals and we waive our matching fee (for both sides) as long as you get the professional onboard once the initiative is launched. 
    We will work for free, we will loose talent in the pool that will be recruited because I’m sure these projects will be successful but we are happy with it.

    Are you ready to make the change? We look forward to seeing you at!

    Take Care,
    Laurent Delétraz
    Founder of

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