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    Airlines 4.0

    6 Keys To Propel You Into The Digital Age   Airline management is a complex and multi-dimensional exercise. From the moment a passenger buys a ticket until arrival at destination, a multitude of layers are activated, they interact with each other putting in motion the airline value creation model form ground to air… or at […]

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    Air Transport Demand Growth

    Air Transport Demand is expected to double over the next 20 Years. That is 3.7% CAGR traffic growth that airports will have to absorb each year. Is this great news for airports? Well – yes and no. Certainly, the estimated passenger growth is good news for Airports and air transport service providers in general. More […]

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    Why is it so important for Drone Manufacturers to understand UTM?

    *UTM – Unmanned Traffic Management Business applications for Drones are virtually limitless. Drones can potentially do anything from delivering your pizza, to inspecting oil pipelines or even walking your dog one day.  Anything you can imagine, as long as this new technology is accepted by the public. To maintain the acceptance of the public, Drone […]

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    6 Questions You Must Answer Before Operating a Drone

    Operating an RPAS or a UAS, more commonly known as Drones, is quite complex. While Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) require piloting skills, some Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can even fly autonomously, thus erasing the need for piloting skills altogether. – So, what makes Drone operations so complex? The answer is A regulatory landscape that […]

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