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    6 Questions You Must Answer Before Operating a Drone

    Operating an RPAS or a UAS, more commonly known as Drones, is quite complex. While Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) require piloting skills, some Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can even fly autonomously, thus erasing the need for piloting skills altogether.

    – So, what makes Drone operations so complex?
    The answer is
    A regulatory landscape that is both fragmented and not yet mature.

    Fragmented – because rules are divided in different layers that vary depending on countries and even from one city to the other.
    And not mature – because this new industry is rapidly evolving.
    So, how can you navigate your way through this and make sure you are operating your Drones legally?

    Start by asking yourself these 6 questions

    Question 1: Do I need to register my Drone?

    Question 2: Do I have all the insurances required, such as third-party liability?

    Question 3: Is there a tool available to plan my flight and check for flight authorization?

    • You might find a web-based application to check your flight location regarding possible airspace restrictions with your CAA or ANSPs.

    Question 4: Am I in a no-drone zones?

    • That on is especially important if you intend your flight in the vicinity of an airport. Vicinity may be defined by a few Kilometres or Miles. Find out the exact limit applying to your location.

    Question 5: Do I fulfil all training and competencies requirements related to my operations?

    Question 6: Which regulation apply to me?

      • There are two layers of rules that you need to look into


      • – Check your national Civil Aviation Authority and/or Air Navigation Services Provider websites for instructions. Find your Civil Aviation Authority


      Local Ordinances (City, Province, State) – Check with your local authorities such as City Hall, Local Police Station for specific rules.

    In conclusion, these are still uncharted territories. We are at the beginning of a new era and as a commercial operator you must master these rules and regulations in order to develop your business successfully. is building an international Drone community to answer to your questions. Join us and ask your questions to our Community of Professionals HERE and make sure you conduct safe and compliant operations. Make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter!

    Please, engage and provide us your feedback!

    – Laurent Delétraz, CEO

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