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    Why is it so important for Drone Manufacturers to understand UTM?

    *UTM – Unmanned Traffic Management

    Business applications for Drones are virtually limitless. Drones can potentially do anything from delivering your pizza, to inspecting oil pipelines or even walking your dog one day.  Anything you can imagine, as long as this new technology is accepted by the public. To maintain the acceptance of the public, Drone operations must remain safe, secure, environmentally acceptable and respect individual privacy.

    The main challenge of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Systems manufacturers is to identify what are the technological, operational and regulatory trends of the industry that matter and that drive public acceptance. UTM is a key aspect of the regulatory landscape. With these in consideration, Drone manufacturers will be able to optimize their products’ connectivity, navigation, airspace integration and registration – and thus exploit the real added value of the technology.

    We propose to the define UTM in six different blocks

    1.  The Airborne Segment

      the Drone and its on-board systems. Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS)

    2. The Ground segment of the Drone system, such as the Pilot station

    3. The Registration database of the Drones

    4. The Air Traffic Management (ATM) – UTM Gateway

    5. The UTM Platform itself

    6. The Payload system – Typically the cameras or sensors to deliver data to the customer

    All these blocks must firstly contribute to safe and secure Drone operations, and secondly also foster the creation of industry-wide standards, recommended practices, tools, etc.

    Efforts are currently underway to formally define the principles of UTM. In parallel to the principal regulatory bodies ICAO and JARUS, the Global Unmanned Traffic Management Association (GUTMA) works towards the safe and efficient UAS integration into civil airspace. GUTMA is composed of regulators, manufacturers, air navigation services providers and other providers. One of GUTMA’s mission is to develop a common understanding around Drone traffic management or UTM and enable business growth for the industry. The Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) function is currently under discussion and is far from being commonly understood.

    One the most prominent applications of UTM and a daily challenge for Professionals worldwide evolves around the effective registration of drones and stopping a UAS from entering prohibited airspace. Various solutions are emerging in different countries without standardisation.

    Actors in this industry have to make choices that will bear a real impact on the future of their business. Which system should we integrate to have Drones connected? Which sensors are the most effective and efficient? How should a business model be structured?

    With a lot of questions to answer and a sector fast developing, the global Drones community of is at your disposal to drive your growth in the UAS sector.
    Ask your questions to our Professionals HERE and make sure you make the right choices.

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