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    Project Owner Testimonial

    “With, I found new suppliers I would have never gotten in touch with…”   Niclas Friberg came to in Spring 2017. He was looking for external experts to help him install navigation equipment at a Swedish airport. He shares his experience with as an airport manager.   Niclas, You published a project […]

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    Airlines 4.0

    6 Keys To Propel You Into The Digital Age   Airline management is a complex and multi-dimensional exercise. From the moment a passenger buys a ticket until arrival at destination, a multitude of layers are activated, they interact with each other putting in motion the airline value creation model form ground to air… or at […]

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    Air Transport Demand Growth

    Air Transport Demand is expected to double over the next 20 Years. That is 3.7% CAGR traffic growth that airports will have to absorb each year. Is this great news for airports? Well – yes and no. Certainly, the estimated passenger growth is good news for Airports and air transport service providers in general. More […]

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    Why is it so important for Drone Manufacturers to understand UTM?

    *UTM – Unmanned Traffic Management Business applications for Drones are virtually limitless. Drones can potentially do anything from delivering your pizza, to inspecting oil pipelines or even walking your dog one day.  Anything you can imagine, as long as this new technology is accepted by the public. To maintain the acceptance of the public, Drone […]

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    6 Questions You Must Answer Before Operating a Drone

    Operating an RPAS or a UAS, more commonly known as Drones, is quite complex. While Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) require piloting skills, some Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can even fly autonomously, thus erasing the need for piloting skills altogether. – So, what makes Drone operations so complex? The answer is A regulatory landscape that […]

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    Paris Air Show 2017 – Our Takeaways

    The aerospace industry is booming. That is no secret.  Who are the actors that primarily benefitted from the last Paris Air Show? How is the industry growing? This June, the team went to Le Bourget and engaged with key manufacturing and engineering actors. Among the most important news coming out of the airshow – […]

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    5 Things You May Have Missed…

    It’s been a journey since we launched in October 2016, and we are thrilled with the progress! Here’s a quick recap of all the milestones we’ve reached: 1. A Growing Community We are proud to count over 4000 Followers & Subscribers as well as 400 Professionals on our platform! – View public profiles  

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    New Projects! Instrument Landing System CAT III & Distance Measuring Equipment Installation is currently supporting Stockholm Skavsta Airport for the installation of a DME and an ILS CAT III.  We are inviting bidders for the fulfillment of the two contracts. Are you interested in participating in the call for proposals? Our online platform will allow you to reply directly on the project pages and place your bid in a quick […]

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    Financial Times Business of Aerospace and Aviation Summit – Our Takeaways’s Laurent Delétraz and Annelise Bremme were honored to be invited to the Financial Times Business of Aerospace and Aviation Summit in London on Tuesday 25 April. Annelise presented our vision in a Panel about the opportunities that Big Data present to industry. In addition to presenting the added-value services that brings to the […]

    Events - FT Summit 2017 No Comments READ MORE proud to participate in Panel Discussion at FT Business of Aerospace & Aviation Summit – Bringing Digital Disruption to the Industry is honored to announce its participation at the Financial Times Business of Aerospace & Aviation Summit on 25 April in London, where we will share our insights on Big Data and digital disruption in the aviation and aerospace industry with key industry leaders.’s COO Annelise Bremme will  discuss with key industrial players the impact of […]

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