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    Three Things You Should Know About Token-Certificates’s users have now access to’s Blockchain-based notarization services for professional certificates and credentials. You can now have your work credentials such as training certificates, licenses, and diplomas verified in the form of an electronic Token-Certificate.

    Three things you should know.


    FIRST, as soon as verified, the authenticity and the validity of your credentials will be ensured once and for all. Any recruiter with the link to your Token-Certificate will be able to understand and trust your documents at a glance, thus facilitating your next job search.


    SECOND, when you verify your professional credentials, they do not become the property of, the ownership will always remain with you.


    THIRD, your documents are always and easily accessible from anywhere via web link and are already available for your next job search. Each electronic document (PDF) can be duplicated and shared freely. All copies are an original with its Token-Certificate that guarantee its authenticity.


    Get your Token-Certificate now at:

    For further information, you can contact us at

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