Token-Certificates Package


Token-Certificate Package

Description partners with to offer Blockchain-based notarization services for professional certificates and credentials.

Aviation Professionals can now get their work credentials verified in the form of an electronic Token-Certificate. Every document is validated as authentic directly when it is issued by a partner organization or by  Authenticated documents are as result easily accessible for employers from a secure and trustworthy source.

Example of authenticated documents: licenses, medical certificates, training certificates, experience records, CVs, etc.


A Token-Certificate:

–  includes the originally validated document and an additional Blockchain validation proof

– can be copied and shared without limit

– can easily be verified by one-click check on the proof section added to the original PDF file


Benefits of Token-Certificates

  • Your credentials are stored in a secure place accessible form anywhere
  • Employers have proof that certificates are valid
  • Documents can be copied without limit and every copy of the original is verifiable
  • Your profile is perceived as trustworthy and reliable by employers
  • Recruitment process is faster and more secure


Example of a Token-Certificate proof

Click on the image

How to get my Token-Certificates?

  1. Create your profile
  2. Order your Token-Certificate click here and send your documents at
  3. You will receive within 3 working days your Token-Certificates by email
  4. Update your profile using the links to your stored Token-Certificates and upload your certificates

How does it work?

A fingerprint of the validated document is entered in a public Blockchain and will remain there permanently. In order to verify a document’s authenticity, employers can compare its fingerprint with the one stored in the Blockchain and thus have proof of the document’s validity.

Disclaimer validates documents after verification of its authenticity and will only deliver the Token-Certificates if sufficient proofs are collected. Proof will be collected from the original document’s issuer. may request additional information to process a document.



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