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    Media release: Changing the working world with blockchain

    In the aviation industry, the temporary employment of skilled workers such as pilots or maintenance technicians is widespread. In partnership with blockchain enterprise, the online platform Professionals.aerosimplifies the recruitment process by bringing together qualified professionals and employers. Leveraging its partnership, the company is now offering the opportunity to secure licenses and certificates authenticity using blockchain technology – fully automating the recruitment process, management of documents and ensuring the reliability of credential documentation.


    Depending on the flight schedule, the staffing requirements of airlines can change drastically at short notice. And also, other employers in the aviation industry, such as airports, maintenance and air navigation servicesproviders or aircraft manufacturers are increasingly relying on the flexible use of resources. “ allows to find the right professionals when you need them – with just one click”explains Laurent Delétraz, Founder of On the other hand, qualified professionals such as flight crew, aerospace engineers or maintenance technicians can focus on their core competencies. “The effort required to find the next engagement is reduced to a minimum. Specialists apply for suitable assignments via the platform”, says Laurent Delétraz. Since the launch of the platform at the end of 2016, hundreds of experts from around 60 countries have registered. Temporary assignments and project orders worth more than eight million USD were published on the platform. Now is taking the next step to expand operations.


    Higher reliability and efficiency thanks to blockchain

    Together with, now offers the option of securing licenses and certificates using authenticity validation and check based on blockchain technology.Particularly in the field of aviation, where personnel require multiple renewable licenses, timeliness and reliability of documentation is critical. has developed a uniqueand trustworthy notarization systembased on any public or private blockchain network, among others including the well-known Ethereum blockchain. “Our solution enables to validate in an immutable way the authenticity of any document and to verify from anywhere in a click the information related to the validator. Employers will be able to access the audit trail


    of the document that has been validated, offering the guarantees that the candidates vetted by hold reliable and suitable credentials. CVProof’s solution is unique in that sense that it combines both the authenticity of the document and the identification of the validator, providing thus an unrivalled level of trust within our fully public and open Internet world”, explains Ray Chow, Co-Founder and CEO of CVProof.


    Fully automating the management of licences

    In the aviation sector, but also in other industries such as healthcare or construction, companies employ a high number of licensed personnel. Their licences and certificates must be renewed regularly. Today, the ongoing management of these numerous documents is very laborious, time-consuming and error-prone. In the near future, and CVProof intend to offer the ability to secure and manage the licences of any number of employees using blockchain, starting with the aviation industry. “Once the documents’ authenticity has been recorded in the blockchain, the entire process can be managed automatically and securely. This will increase transparency, quality, safety and lead to further cost savings for the employers”, says Laurent Delétraz.


    Token-Certificates: A blockchain-based solution for schools’ growing demand

    In the near future, schools will be required to offer their students not only a certificate in paper form, but also as an authenticity validated digital certificate. “With our unique blockchain-based notarization system, we are capable to issue so-called token-certificates already today. We currently have discussions with various aviation schools that issue licences and aim to offer them an appropriate solution via the platform”says Ray Chow.

    More information on Token-Certificate at:


    About AG, headquartered in Geneva, was founded in October 2016. The founding team includes Laurent Delétraz (founder), Annelise Bremme (co-founder), Johan Orsingher (co-founder) and Mohsen Haddad (co-founder). All have a background in the aviation industry and / or IT. Since its launch, the platform has several hundreds of users from approximately 60 countries. Projects worth over $ 8 million have been published. Customers include internationally well-known companies such as IATA, Stockholm Skavsta Airport, Lufthansa Technik, Kugler Bimetal.


    About is a pioneer member of gathering together various business cases and developing a common peer-to-peer notarization protocol based on decentralized blockchain technology. (co-founded in 2017 by Ray Chow-Toun and Frederic Verin) is currently operating from Singapore, Estonia and Switzerland.




    More information and contact for media:
    Annelise Bremme

    Co-Founder & COO

    Tel.: +41 79 196 46 08


    Ray Chow-Toun

    CEO co-founder

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