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    Blog launches digital disruption in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry launches digital disruption in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry

    Geneva, Switzerland, 17 October 2016

    Labor markets are changing worldwide. We are increasingly shifting to on-demand working models, where independent professionals and freelancers rely on digital platforms to find opportunities. Examples are legion –, Gigwalk, Upwork, to only name a few. Small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations’ have a growing appetite for tools like these. And there is a reason for that. From an employer’s standpoint three major challenges poses recurring problems that digital talent marketplaces address:

    • Finding the right resources
    • At the right time
    • For the right duration

    The Aviation and Aerospace industry is in many ways unique, however it is no exception to the challenge of managing promising growth under cost pressure and increasing competition. is bringing the answer – a digital platform dedicated to the Aviation and Aerospace industry where Professionals and Companies connect to collaborate and innovate.

    “Our vision is to create a global crowd-staffing platform dedicated to the entire Aviation and Aerospace Industry. This is why we are launching globally and through all the segments of the Industry’s value chain. We believe that only at this scale, we will bring the digital disruption and big data tools to solve one of the most pressing issues – the difficulty to find the right talent, at the right time, for the right period. is the community of tomorrow for all stakeholders of the Aviation and Aerospace Industry.”

    Annelise Bremme, Co-Founder of

    “Since over a year, I have been reflecting on these issues and how to create a solution dedicated to the Aviation and Aerospace Industry. During Summer 2016, I have created a team of four associates of with a unique mix of competencies, very deep understanding of the Industry, and sharp perspective on the stakes of the labor markets revolution. I am confident it will be a major success factor in our endeavor.”

    Laurent Delétraz, Founder of is now launched and operational. Join now and be part of the Aviation and Aerospace business revolution! is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has operating offices in Paris and New York.

    For more information, please contact:

    Annelise Bremme

    Co-Founder of

    +1 347 547 57 17

    New York, USA

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