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    Paris Air Show 2017 – Our Takeaways

    The aerospace industry is booming. That is no secret.  Who are the actors that primarily benefitted from the last Paris Air Show? How is the industry growing?

    This June, the team went to Le Bourget and engaged with key manufacturing and engineering actors.

    Among the most important news coming out of the airshow – and among the most discussed during the week – was the 571 orders for new aircraft that Boeing was able to close on, with a total estimated value of USD 74.8 billion.

    Airbus was not far behind, managing to sign deals for a combined USD 39.7 billion to deliver 326 aircraft. Both Airbus and Boeing drew a lot of attention to mid-range models, accommodating the steady growth of worldwide air transport demand, for instance from low-cost carriers worldwide. Boeing, in particular, gained praise for the release of its 737 MAX.

    In line with these large-scale sales, many manufacturers and suppliers – such as engine producer General Electric and Safran – announced large additions to their order books. Hence, once more the Paris Air Show provided the ground for significant business orders. met with many engineering and manufacturing companies, working with them to bring new projects on the platform in line with these business expansions. Stay tuned for more news on projects soon!

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