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    Blog Brings Crowdsourcing to Aviation & Aerospace

    Whether you are looking for consultants, short-term staff or long-term employees – have you ever wished there was an easier way to hire Professionals? Have you ever thought that it would be great if you just could go on a website where you could look for people with a particular skill or experience, for any period of time and where prices would be transparent? A place dedicated to Aviation and Aerospace, where people would know that an SMS is not a media that people use to remind their significant other to do the groceries, that ATM will not provide them with cash, and that an A/C is not a cooling device.


    Well, look no more. You are in the right place, and is the solution you were looking for. We created the first Aviation and Aerospace crowdsourcing platform, and here are three things that you will love about it:


    Ok. Let’s start with the most interesting thing: searching for Professionals is free and publishing a project on won’t cost you anything.

    We charge you only when you find Professionals you need and decide to hire them. When an agreement is reached you will be charged a 5% flat fee.

    However, until 1 December 2016, we will waive that fee as part of our onboarding promotion. So go ahead, don’t miss this opportunity, publish as many projects as you like and sign up now!


    Your projects can be of any duration. Whether it’s for few hours, 18 months, or even more. There is no minimum requirement or maximum duration. On you will be able to find any kind of Professional.


    If you need to publish a project anonymously for strategic reasons, we can help you. Contact us here and we will arrange a custom solution for you.

    We’ve created this great tool for you. So, go ahead and register, post a project and find the Professionals you need, when you need them, for the right duration & price!

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