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    How do aviation and aerospace companies benefit from

    You are now familiar with and you must be telling yourself:

    “Yes, ok. It sounds great! But, what can this yet new online platform do for me?”.

    We promise you are going to like the answer. is the first global crowdsourcing platform of Aviation and Aerospace. It’s not only about connecting the aviation and aerospace industry. It’s about finding the right missions for Professionals and about finding the right Professionals for Companies – at the right time, for the right duration and price. Register – go ahead, it’s free! Create your profile and start looking for the Professionals you need by publishing a project.

    – But, how do I publish a project? I don’t have time for complicated tools. Is it really simple? You ask.
    – Yes, it is! It’s a simple 4-step straightforward approach, we answer.

    But first, let us explain what we mean by project and show you how answers to your needs.

    The Project

    A project could be anything ranging from looking for one Professional’s expertise on Satellite-based navigation for a few hours to more complex missions such as “improving the capacity of a runway” or “design my next 20 years’ strategy”

    The Process

    1. Title – Choose a title that summarizes your request in a nutshell.

    2. Budget Set an indicative budget. Keep in mind that this is not a commitment, this is only a starting point.
    You can take either the effort-based approach for your estimation. Define the number of hours or days your mission will take, multiply it by the average rates you find on the platform. Or you can also simply indicate the budget you wish to spend.

    3. Skills & Categories Pick the skills that the Professionals must display and categories in which your project falls.

    4. Description Give as many details as possible and don’t hesitate to attach documents describing further what you need.

    This will help Professionals describe in the best way how they plan to help you. You may even ask for the first level of contribution to your project, it might help you design it further. Finally, don’t forget to set the deadline by which you would like to receive all the proposals.
    Keep in mind that you need to allow time for proposal preparation

    So go ahead and try! Publishing a project is free. Furthermore, the platform is flexible and allows for modifications. And finally, if you have a project with some competitive sensitivity you might want to have it published without your company being visible. If so, contact us we’ll be happy to help you and publish on your behalf to ensure confidentiality.


    Only the sky is your limit!

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