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    Financial Times Business of Aerospace and Aviation Summit – Our Takeaways’s Laurent Delétraz and Annelise Bremme were honored to be invited to the Financial Times Business of Aerospace and Aviation Summit in London on Tuesday 25 April. Annelise presented our vision in a Panel about the opportunities that Big Data present to industry. In addition to presenting the added-value services that brings to the marketplace.


    Annelise and Laurent shared’s vision with key industry leaders at the Financial Times Business of Aerospace and Aviation Summit, in London, April 2017.


    The summit drew key industry leaders to London, who reflected on the various business areas of their respective industries. The main topics discussed were innovation, digital technologies, and flexible infrastructure. But also, the necessity to remove the borders of skills, to find quickly skills and to end the conventional Request for Proposal processes.


    360 degree Panel,, London Southend Airport, Dublin Airport, Swiss International Airlines Ltd.

    360-degree panel discussion: How can big data and higher levels of autonomy be leveraged?

    – Annelise Bremme, Co-Founder & COO,
    – Glyn Jones, CEO, Stobart Aviation/London Southend Airport
    – John Lyons, Director of Innovation, Dublin Airport
    – Eric Nantier, Director Operations Research and Air Traffic Management, Swiss International Airlines Ltd.


    But something really drew our attention. All participants shared one common strong argument – they shared the opinion that collaboration should be at the heart of their vision for the future. And one quote for Justin Warby – Vice President Digital Strategy & Innovation at Etihad Airways – really captures the common vision in our opinion:


    Collaboration across aviation segments is pivotal to deliver competitive customer services.

    – Justin Warby, Vice President Digital Strategy & Innovation, Etihad Airways.


    The predominant observation voiced was that all sectors of the industry must collaborate to improve service quality and to enable innovation. As indeed, collaboration across aviation segments is pivotal to deliver competitive customer services. We could not agree more with this statement as we strive daily to connect the industry and to promote collaboration and innovation.


    Representatives at the summit included decision makers from major companies such as GE Aviation and Google, major European Airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Dublin), global airlines (Swiss, Air France-KLM, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad), as well as ATM leaders (Skyguide & SESASR Joint Undertaking).


    We are proud to have presented to them’s vision on how our platform brings the digital disruption to the industry and to form key relationships with them. We will now put together multiple key insights and lessons from the market that we will share in due course as a series of separate posts.


    So stay tuned for more insights on big data and the outcome of our discussions with the industry leaders present at the discussion to be published shortly!

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