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    Kugler Bimetal

    Strategic Business Development

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    Project description:

    Kugler Bimetal (Switzerland) is seeking Strategic Business Development support in the USA.

    We are active in the segment of producing high-quality anti-friction industrial metals, such as for the aerospace industry. Our materials are used for engines, airframes, hydraulic pumps and many other core components of aircraft.

    We are eager to expand our business reach outside our core market. We hereby are inviting bids to provide us with strategic business development support in new markets.

    In particular, we invite you to provide us with a concrete number of potential contact establishments with key decision makers at aerospace companies in the areas of:

    • Senior Engineering
    • Procurement Management
    • Senior Management

    (1 person = 1 contact)

    Your proposal has to explicitly formulate your action plan and to state the number of connections that will be established in order to present our products to these contacts and develop projects together.

    In order to be considered in this call candidates shall bid directly on this page.
    N.B. Only bids made directly on this page will be considered for selection.

    About Us

    Since 1950 Kugler BIMETAL SA has manufactured, exclusively, parts in steel/Kugler-TOKAT bronze, intended to solve problems of friction. These parts have been developed to meet the most demanding applications where extreme operating conditions are encountered: severe mechanical stresses, high speeds, high accuracy and high temperatures. Such parts, machined to very precise tolerances, are found in the following areas of application: aeronautics, defence, transport, all kinds of machinery, hydraulics, etc.

    Aviation Division

    The Kugler BIMETAL casting process makes it possible to obtain parts which combine in an optimal manner the mechanical properties of steel with the excellent anti-friction characteristics of special KUGLER Tokat bronzes. Our Technology makes applications possible in various high-tech domains such as the aviation industry.

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