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    Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico

    Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico – SMW L2

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    Project description:

    Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico is calling agencies and companies to provide maintenance staff according to the requirements below. Individuals – please contact us directly at

    In order to be considered in this call, agencies and companies shall bid directly on this page.
    N.B. Only bids made directly on this page will be considered for selection.

    Your proposal must include:

    • your committed budget not exceeding USD 47 per man/hour
    • resumes of team (send to
    • resource plan (send to


    Type of profiles: L2 Sheet Metal Workers

    Number of profiles: 4

    Location: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

    Aircraft: A320 Series

    Dates of the engagement – From January 8, 2018 to June 30, 2018.

    Budget: USD 47 per man/hour


    • Gen Fam A320 certification
    • Basic aeronautical training or equivalent OR Skilled worker’s certificate
    • Fuel Tank Safety Training – Phase 1 and 2
    • EWIS Training
    • Human Factor
    • English language test LV 2 (FAA approved Part 145)
    • 3.5 year of experience as Sheet Metal Worker


    3 Questions

    1. Professionals admin

      11. We would need to have a timeframe as to when Lufthansa would reimburse us for travel? – we will reimburse flight tickets to and from PR up to the average market flight costs on this track. Any flight tickets which cost above the usual average price should be first agreed with us prior to purchasing

      12. Could we get a copy of the required tool list? (This weight adds to travel costs) – we do not ask for a specific tool list. We ask contractors to bring along a tool box with engraved number on each tool, foam and a tool box list. Contractors are aware which tools they use most often in their daily tasks

      13. Is a list of recommending housing provided? – We do not have requirements to where the contractors should stay. Here are some of the most popular places: Atlantic apartments, Isla Bella (in Isabella) as well as private houses near the LHT facility

      14. Are we reimbursed for return travel as well? – Yes, flight tickets at the beginning and the end of assignments are reimbursed to LTPR

    2. Professionals admin

      8. Do you require the candidates to have GenFam on the A320, or will you consider candidates without the GenFam but with A320 experience? – the candidates should have passed GenFam.

      9. Accommodation is to be arranged by the agencies? – accommodation is to be arranged by the agencies/the contractors themselves.

      10. Insurance (health and/or liability) is to be covered by the agencies? – insurance is to be arranged by the agencies.

    3. Professionals admin

      1. Will Flights, accommodation and ground transport be provided or will this need to be taken out of the charge rate? – Flights are to be booked by the recruitment agencies. The cost is then recharged to LTPR. Local transport is to be arranged by the contractors themselves.

      2. Will work Visa’s be provided? – We do not provide work visas.

      3. Will the technicians be provided with tools or will they need to bring their own? – Technicians need to bring along own tool box. I will advise the agencies on our requirements.

      4. Will uniforms / safety equipment be provided or will they need to bring their own? – Technicians will need to bring own work clothes and equipment. They can also purchase these from the facility based on availability.

      5. What working shifts / hours are you expecting the technicians to work? – The usual work week is 6 x 1, around 9 – 10 hours daily

      6. When do the Technicians need to start? – The ideal start date is 08.01.2018. However, later start is also possible.

      7. Will you require all Technicians at the same time? – Not necessarily


    Hamid RAKAI
    Aircraft engineer
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    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer B1
    In Process
    Danny Reaser
    Business Development Manager
    In Process
    Jared Hatfield
    Sales and Service
    In Process
    Delania Houchin
    VP Operations
    In Process
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