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    Business Aviation Consultancy

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    Project description:

    One of our customers is looking for a business aviation professional to take part in a study around airport operation.

    He/She will be part of a team working on a document aiming at optimizing the operation for various operators and will be leading the BA/GA chapters.

    Project in English, pilot license and experience in BJ operations in Europe/US is a plus.

    Expected duration is 4 to 5 working days.

    Conflict of interest might lead to not select some offers prior to signature of NDA.

    8 Questions

    1. Professionals admin

      – Received from Project Owner –

      We expect to award the project by the end of next week.

    2. Professionals admin

      – Received from a Professional –

      When do you anticipate an award of this opportunity?

    3. Professionals admin

      – Received from the Project Owner –

      As stated in the project description, pilot license and experience in BJ operations in Europe/US is a plus, not a requirement.

    4. Professionals admin

      – Received from a Professional –

      You state that a pilot’s license is necessary. Would you be prepared to look at someone who does not have a pilot’s license but is able to work with all the data for a specific aircraft and its performance?

    5. Professionals admin

      – From Project Owner –

      Expected start date between early and mid-march.
      Completion by Mid/end April

    6. Professionals admin

      – Received from a Professional –

      Please, is there any approximate date or set of dates for this project to happen?


    7. Professionals admin

      – From the Project Owner –

      Work can be executed remotely using the shared workspace of

    8. Professionals admin

      – Received from a Professional-
      Will the professional in this role be working remotely or on location with the rest of the team?


    Kate du Toit
    Airline and Airport Consultant
    In Process
    Manuel Rodrigues Garrido
    Aviation Consultant
    In Process
    R Glenn Woodward
    Air Traffic Control Manager
    In Process
    Aviation Executive
    In Process
    Bernard Gonsalves
    Fuel Efficiency & Air Traffic Management Consultant
    In Process
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