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    I graduated as a mechanical engineer from EPFL in 2004 with a specialisation at SUPAERO, Toulouse (now ISAE) in control and embedded systems in 2005. I also hold a private pilot license since 2000, with more than 530h of VFR flight experience mainly in Europe and North America.

    I worked since 2001 for skyguide SA, the company providing the swiss air navigation services, initially as an ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulator pilot during my studies, then as an ATM (Air Traffic Management) system expert with a focusing on Navigation and Surveillance and then as an ATM Project Manager.

    I was Project Manager for the implementation of a common Swiss-wide ‘stripless’ system in the Geneva and Zurich Area Control Centres for 6 years. Then I had the opportunity and the privilege to take a unpaid leave to participate in the Solar Impulse 2 project, Round-the-World first solar flight, from mid-January 2015 to July 2015, as part of the Ground Crew, FAI point of contact for world record validation and as one of the 3 Deputy Flight Directors for the coordination of the operations with the local airport authorities. When the aircraft was grounded in Hawaii, I continued the activities with Solar Impulse as a point of contact for the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) for the validation of world records until end-August 2015.

    As planned, I joined skyguide back in September 2015 as Project Manager, working on OPS concept and SESAR projects.

    I started in January 2016 a new challenge in senseFly, a world-wide civil drone key manufacturer based in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, as a regulatory project manager. I am in charge of regulations survey, certification projects (airworthiness) and survey of development of drone operations support solutions.

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