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    • Data Analytics
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    • Softwares and Systems
    • System Monitoring
    • Systems Engineering


    I am currently a State Engineer in Computer Science “Information System and technologies” Specialty; graduated from the National School of Computer Science Algiers ESI. With professional experience of more than Three years.
    My experience concise in the following fields : firstly; in the Communication and networks Field, where I developed my technical skills and simulated them during professional missions; then, and during the upgrade of my studies; I discovered my passion for the SI consulting, which led me to my Final study Project “A BI consultant”, where I had the opportunity to enrich my skills and intellectual abilities by challenging them with the realization of a BI decision support system for HR. This experience was the portal that led me to my professional careers: As an IT Manager, IT Project Manager (SAP B1 ERP Technical Project Manager), And currently, An Information System Manager of The Industry Division in GLOVIZ KIA factory.
    Moreover, and because of my unlimited passion for this range; I would like to join a company with which I could use these skills, these prerequisites, as well as my organizational skills and my sense of communication. I would bring to my colleges this reserve of dynamism in addition to my talents and my ability to work; so i can reach even higher ranks in this field & remain very liable when it comes to The Information system Industry.

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    • Hourly Rate: $200.00/h
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    • Experience: 4 years
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    • Country: Algeria