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    I am an easy man, friendly and appasionate about Aeronautics. Sincé my dad flew me in his Chikinox at the age of 8 I have devoted my life to airplanes. I became Aeronautical Engineer and in this 10 years I have worked in every kind of airplane and every kind of role. From simple Designer in a design team, to Head of Engineering, and from a 4.5 meters wingspan UAV to the A380 passsing by B787, A350, KC390, C295, CN235, P3 Orion. Not only in aircraft development but also in the industrialization part. I have also managed projects of Tooling & Jigs development and even FAL designs .

    I wanted to have experiences in the Big 3, Airbus, Boeing and Embraer and that goal is already achieved, so I want to fix something I see wrong in the GA industry, the aircraft prices.

    Flying should be affordable to everybody and actually it is not. This is why I have acquired the Aeropup Company and became CEO of my own destiny. This 2 seater was designed with the right rationale and it is perfect to be placed globally as the safest/cheapest aircraft in the world, including China for sure.

    People who know me say I am a natural leader, mentor and able to inspire people…What I can assure is just one thing, I am the hardest worker I have never seen.

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