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    R. Glenn Woodward                                                                  

     US – Denver, Colorado ~ 001.720.484.1664 ~ 001.719.488.5969 ~ 001.719.930.4441


    Career Summary

    Air Traffic/Aviation Operations professional with over 25 years of globally diverse experience in 11 different aviation, Airport, and ATC Terminal environments. Excellent ability to process complex and high volume TLA airspace infrastructures. Frequently called upon as a subject matter expert and trainer with the ability to convey complex topics to a variety of audiences. Skilled project manager and process-improvement-initiative background. Analytically minded who makes decisions based on sound data. Independent ATC/Terminal Landing Area consultant for SESAR Joint Undertaking.

    Technical Skills

    Technical Trainer and Evaluator


    Critical Thinking

    Client Development

    Group Presentations

    MS Office Suite


    Professional Experience

    IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES – Kabul, Afghanistan                                                      Mar 2015 – Feb 2018

    Senior Air Traffic Control Instructor – Hamid Karzai International Airport Control Tower

    Sole Accredited ATC Tower OJT station for Afghan Transition Project Supporting NATO Resolute Support (RS)

    ·      Develop and implement aircraft separation procedures for three parallel operating surfaces

    ·      Supervise and monitor complex, compressed, and hazardous airspace operations

    ·      Coordinate and integrate with Resolute Support (RS) NATO coalition nations for safe and efficient flight operations into, out of and through Afghanistan airspace

    ·      Direct Supervisor 30 individuals from around the globe: Including– US, Afghan, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish

    ·      Direct and supervise Flight operations into and out of Kabul Airport autonomously.

    ·      Instruct Afghan ATCO students in ICAO PANS/ATC Standards and advanced applications

    ·      Develop students into complex-ATC tower operators and instructors for other Afghan ATC students

    ·      Teach procedures and tactical applications


    PAE ~ PACIFIC ARCHTECTS AND ENGINEERS – Las Vegas, Nevada                                                    1 Year

    Air Traffic Controller – Terminal Landing Area (TLA) operations in support of the Department of Defense


    MIDWEST AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SERVICES – Kabul, Afghanistan                                                 3 Years

    Tower/ Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisor – Kabul International Airport

    Primary international airport for Afghanistan and sole ATC training point for the Afghan ATC Transition Project Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)

    ·      Trained Afghan ATC students in Tower operations

    ·      Mentored these students into instructors for other Afghan ATC students

    ·      Taught ICAO procedures and tactical applications for multiple nationalities including British, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, and American controllers, integrating them with each individual’s home country ATC processes

    ·      Helped develop and implement aircraft separation procedures for three parallel operating surfaces

    ·      Supervised and monitored complex and hazardous airspace operations including combat and high terrain

    ·      Coordinated and integrated with ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces) which included 40+ nations for safe smooth flight operations


    SERCO-NORTH AMERICA – Gypsum, Colorado                                                                                  1 Year

    Controller in Charge – Eagle County Airport

    Mid-volume airport serving the Vail ski basin with hazardous high-mountain approaches

    ·      Assured the safe arrival and departure separation of a complex, high volume mix of heavy commercial air carrier, private and charter aircraft, along with military helicopters, providing a consistent and smooth flow of air traffic

    ·      Directed arrivals and departures within a high risk flight environment that included: high mountainous terrain and severe winter meteorological conditions

    ·      Trained, monitored, and supervised new controllers

    ·      Observed and recorded weather data for national dissemination

    R. Glenn Woodward                                                                                      PAGE 2

    MESA AIR GROUP INC – Phoenix, Arizona                                                                                          1 Year

    FAA Flight Dispatcher – MESA Airlines Headquarters

    A regional carrier operating United Express, U.S. Airways Express and go! Airlines Hawaii

    ·      FAA Certified Flight Dispatcher, jointly responsible/liable for the successful completion of each flight segment dispatched under my authority

    ·      Coordinated with flight crew to assure safe operations throughout entire flight regime from Pre-flight to Landing

    ·      Employed numerous techniques and strategies for maximum safety of flight

    ·      Aggressively maintained cockpit and operations currency & procedure by flying with various aircrews and airlines through North America.


    MIDWEST AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SERVICES                                                                                                         3 Years

    Air Traffic Controller – VFR Tower Providing ATC and Weather Services for FAA Contract Tower Facilities

    ·      Otis ANGB – Cape Cod MA

    ·      Nashua Airport – Nashua, NH


    UNITED STATES AIR FORCE – United States & United Kingdom                                                         4 Years

    Air Traffic Controller – Project Supervisor/Technical Writer

    ·      March AFB, California

    ·      Malmstrom AFB, Montana

    ·      RAF Greenham Common, Woodbridge, & Sculthorpe, UK – Simultaneously


    MILLENNIUM AIRLINES – Colorado Springs, Colorado                                                                 1998 – 2013

    Founder / Owner 

    Developed a new airline concept using helicopters in a scheduled format

    ·      Researched and verified financial needs, budget and operating costs

    ·      Researched viability parameters and analyzed global operations to assure pricing and marketing approaches

    ·      Recruit and vet personnel for all positions

    ·      Presented to multiple investors including angel investors, venture capitalists and private investment firms


    Education // Certifications // Publications

    Bachelor of Science in Business Management: University of Phoenix

    FAA Flight Dispatch License:  Jeppesen Academy

    FAA ATC Tower Operator License

    Pursuing Airport Management Certificate through ERAU

    ICAO ATC Tower Supervisor ~ ATCO (ICAO – ADV (TWR) – ADI (TWR)). OJTI

    FAA LAWRS (Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station)

    Published Writer:

          Rotor & Wing Magazine – Guest Opinion “Just Do It” – September 2002

          Plane & Pilot Magazine – The Secret Code of Controllers – April 2018



    Military Experience

    UNITED STATES AIR FORCE – Worldwide                                                          10 years

    Flight Crew and Air Traffic Controller

    ·      Flew Missions in direct support of U.S. National Defense Policy

    ·      Award Winning Flight Crew competing with United Kingdom

    ·      Award Winning Flight Crew winning Collier trophy

    ·      Earned 11 separate VFR Tower ratings and 3 simultaneously in the U.K.

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