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    Riccardo Coli

    Route to China 2025 – General Aviation Aircrafts – Best offers will be selected

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    Project description:

    “Made in China 2025” marks the beginning of a new industrial era that is going to involve China as the main driver and all of the global industries. Set to be developed along three main phases, Chinese latest industrial revolution overviews until the year 2049.

    The “Route to China 2025” Project aims at integrating global aviation-related skills and expertise, collect ideas, proposals, projects and applications that can be applicable into the development of the Chinese industry, by undertaking the challenge from the inside.  “Route to China 2025” aims at introducing aviation professionals’ ideas, projects and proposals to the Chinese industry.

    We are looking for Professionals with General Aviation expertise to bring together a General Aviation Aircrafts Task Force team of 5 members. The Professionals are expected to present their ideas for General Aviation Aircraft development for the Chinese market. Once a task force reaches a minimum number of 5 Professionals, a leader will be chosen.

    The Professionals of the task force will be responsible to formulate:

    • A first budget based on a marketing strategy co-defined with the Task Force Leader in order to clearly present projects and applications to the industry leaders, sector by sector. In this phase the Task Force will also cover its Leader’s travel costs to China to attend activities and meetings and be the spokesperson of his/her own Task Force.
    • A second budget will be based on the investment, purchase, financing coming from Chinese Industry and directly addressed to the selected professionals. In this phase the Professional’s travel costs and fees will be covered by the inviting organization.

    Professionals with General Aviation Expertise are invited to submit their application to the Route to China 2025 Task Force by bidding on this project and attaching to their offers:

    1) CV/Cover Letter

    2) Project Description

    3) Project Photos/Videos

    4) Project Financials

    Please refer to attached PDF document – Route to China 2025 – for further information.

    The five best offers will be selected for further consideration.


    Luis Echánove Sánchez
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