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    Luis Echánove Sánchez

    Aeropup China

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    Project description:

    This Project consists of 3 different phases:

    1.- Aircraft re-design phase:

    – Re-engineer the Aeropup aircraft to fit Chinese ergonomics and in accordance with CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) rules.
    – Re-engineer the Aeropup Jigs and tools to fit the new design

    2.- Industrialization:

    – Set up a factory for this new model
    – Hire and train personnel
    – Manufacture the first unit for certification purposes

    3.- Marketing and Sales:

    – Promote the Aeropup China Aircraft as the safest/cheapest aircraft perfect as “first aircraft” or training aircraft.

    Additional information:

    1 Question

    1. Ramon Montero

      Dear Mr. Luis

      As a Master of Engineering graduated of École de Technologie Supérieure in Aerospace Product Development and Systems Integration program, with a particular interest in working with design, integration and certification of aerospace products. I can offer you many skills and insights that are essentials to the product development efforts of yours company, I am trained regarding the impacts of design, manufacturing, assembly, test and certification phases in the aerospace product development process.

      During my last experience at Pratt & Whitney Canada in the External Controls and Nacelles Quality Department with a strong practical component in management of Non-conformity of aerospace products, I could participate in the investigation process of engine accessories problems when these fail at the OEM, and the fact that I was supporting the investigation process now is giving me a clear idea of what are the Quality expectations of the aerospace products during their in-service phase, consequently, I have the appropriate level of awareness of the implications when is required to apply a design change in 3D models.

      – Direct contact information redacted by admin –

      If you find my profile a good fit to your project requirements, please invite me to join your project by going to my personal page and clicking “invite me to join” on the top right corner.

      In order to discuss your strategies for:

      – System and sub-system level requirements identification
      – GCP, CP and Means of compliance definitions.
      – Interactions with costumer, partners and certification authorities for approval of Requirements Review, Advanced Concept Review, Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review and Production Readiness Review.
      – Digital Mock-Up reviews to mitigate design and configuration risks.
      – Acceptance Test procedures, Test Definition Sheets and Requests for Test.
      – Analysis of Functional Hazards System Safety Assessment.
      -Advanced Quality plans.

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