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    Aerodynamics Engineer

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    Project description:

    Location: Europe

    Salary: USD 50/Hour (negotiable)

    Open Position: 15-20

    Job Description:

    Responsible for the design and analysis of configuration development and definition of external geometry based on aerodynamics and multidisciplinary view.  The main tasks include:

    • To perform aerodynamic design and design optimization
    • To realize detailed aerodynamic analyses for internal and external flow fields, to perform aerodynamic assessments and prepare analyses reports
      • Empirical/analytical methods
      • Computational Fluid Dynamics tools
    • To attend wind tunnel testing activities; interpret, assess and report wind tunnel test reports
    • To contribute to developing aerodynamic database considering configuration management and versioning of the aerodynamic data
    • To provide or utilize tools and methods for aerodynamic analysis, pre-and post-processing of numerical analysis.
    • To provide validation and verification of methods and tools to be used during analyses
    • To perform aerothermodynamics analysis to investigate the thermal characteristics of the flow field and thermal process between the high speed flow and geometry
    • To perform in Flight Icing Analyses and to calculate the aerodynamic degradation due to icing
    • To perform aeroacoustics analysis
    • To perform store separation analysis
    • To be responsible for the coordination and transfer of the analysis and wind tunnel test data to the related engineering groups (Aeroloads, Flight Mechanics and Performance)
    • To prepare Flight Test Requests and to attend flight testing activities and assess the flight test results

    Required Skills:

    • Having a B.S. degree from Aeronautical and/or Aerospace Engineering Departments
    • Proficiency of written and spoken English
    • 5 years of working experience in Aerodynamic Analysis, Conceptual and Detailed aerodynamic design
    • Experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics Tools (with pre and post processing utilities)
    • Ability to use MS Office tools
    • Ability to work in LINUX/UNIX operating systems
    • Highly motivated
    • Ability to take responsibility in a team work
    • Ability to travel when required


    • Having Ph.D. or M.S. degrees in graduation from the aeronautical or aerospace engineering departments,
    • Experienced in Linux operating systems,
    • Experienced in High Performance Computing, parallel processing.
    • Experienced in programming with Fortran, C/C++, Python

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    1. Luis

      Would you partner with engineering companies to provide required staff or knowledge?


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    Aerodynamics Engineer
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